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Drive Alert

Drive Alert

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It works like a splash of cold water in the middle of the night. At the first sign of drowsiness the Drive Alert will jolt your senses with a LOUD beep. Just how important is it to have this simple safety device? We've all done it, often times unknowingly. You get behind the wheel after taking seemingly harmless cold medication or head home after a long day at work. Up to this point you've probably been among the lucky ones who make it home without incident. But it only takes one time to fall asleep at the wheel and become a tragic statistic. You're behind the wheel late at night after a long day. Your eyes begin to grow heavy as oncoming headlights lull you into a state of drowsiness. And then without warning you fall asleep at the wheel. Luckily this scenario doesn't have to end in tragedy as so often happens. That's because the Drive Alert will help keep you awake until you arrive safely at your destination. Drive Alert's ergonomic design is comfortable, easy to use and operates on low battery consumption. It's also popular with truck drivers who spend many long hours on our nation's highways. Just turn it on, adjust the wake up angle switch and place it behind your ear. When you begin to doze off and your head slumps forward the Drive Alert will emit a LOUD, powerful BEEPING sound to wake you up. Using the Drive Alert could save the lives of you and your loved ones. And it may be the best safety device your car never had. Includes one 1.5 Volt DC x (LR44) battery.

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