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Anion Air Purifier

Anion Air Purifier

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$ 19.99

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  • This piece is perfect for your entire home and was made so you can cut off pieces to fit anywhere
  • The shape is made special to fit in your home air vent system
  • Instead of using a regular air filter, you can use our item and it will freshen the air that goes all through your home and also reduce odors
  • Put it in your refrigerator shelves to keep vegetables fresher for longer
  • Put in your sock drawer or in your closet to reduce odors and dust
  • Put it under a pet bed, pet blanket or anywhere your pets spend their time to reduce odors and freshen the air
  • Put it in the children's bedroom, especially at the bottom of the dirty clothing hamper
  • Put it in the kitchen drawers to reduce odors
  • 14" x 12.5"

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