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Softball Screwball, 2 Pack

Softball Screwball, 2 Pack

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First launched in 1988, Screwball is the best training tool for kids to learn how to throw, catch and hit a ball. Made from a blended PE/EVA foam, Screwball is soft and safe. It doesn't hurt when you catch it or I you get hit by it in the batter's box. Screwballs unique design combines the seams found on a baseball with dimples from a golf ball to allow for maximum aerodynamics and control. You really can throw major league curveballs, screwballs, sliders, rising fastballs and more. Unlike hard plastic balls, Screwball doesn't hurt if you get hit by a pitch or a throw. What's even better is that the density of the foam produces energy which allows Screwball to fly as far or farther than most plastic balls on the market. When your kids are ready to learn how to play baseball or softball, start 'em on Screwball.

  • 2 Pack Original Softball
  • Throw It! Hit It! Catch It! Play Ball!
  • Molded with Seams of a Baseball and dimples of a Golf Ball made from a blend of EVA and PE Foams
  • Screwball is the best baseball training ball for young ballplayers worldwide
  • SKU: SF-002800