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Unicel 8CH-502 Vita Spa Filter Cart w/ Handles

Unicel 8CH-502 Vita Spa Filter Cart w/ Handles

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Vita Spa filter. L200/L700.

Note: Remove "pad adapter" from the skimmer before threading MPT directly into the suction fitting.
Filter Measurements & Details
Unicel # OZ SQ. FT. OEM # Outside Diameter Length Top Bottom
N/A 3 oz. 50 SF PVT-50W H 8-1/2" 7" Handle 1-1/2" MPT
  • Price is for one filter cartridge
  • OEM Quality Reemay® Polyester media
  • Straight, sharp and evenly spaced pleats for efficient dirt holding and capturing
  • Durable polyurethane end caps for strength and proper sealing in filter tank
  • Re-enforced center cores with a PVC center core for support
  • Evenly spaced holes in center core for even distribution of water flow through the cleaning cartridge
  • Made in USA
How To Find A Replacement Filter For your Swimming Pool Or Spa
  • #1 Measure the outside diameter of the cartridge in inches (+ or - 1/16")
  • #2 Measure the overall length of the cartridge in inches (+ or - 1/16"), including the end caps. You don't need to include any handles or strings. A more accurate measurement can be obtained by measuring through the center hole of the pool cartridge when possible
  • #3 Make a note of the (OEM) original manufacturer model number of the replacement cartridge
  • #4 Take note whether or not there is a center core (PVC pipe in the center) and also count the number of pleats (+ or - 2)
Please check and measure your swimming pool cartridge filter before buying. Filter image photo is generic, actual filter may vary. How To Compute The Square Footage Of A Filter Cartridge
  • #1 Count the number of pleats and measure the pleat depth in inches
  • #2 Measure the length of the cartridge in inches excluding the end caps
  • #3 Multiply the number of pleats by 2 and multiply that number the the pleat depth. Multiply the total by the length of the cartridge (excluding the end caps) and divide that number by 144
  • Example:# of pleats x 2 x pleat depth x pleat length divided by 144 = cartridge square footage
When To Replace Your Filter Cartridge
  • When the pressure gauge on your filter tank reaches 8 PSI above the pressure recorded when a new cartridge is installed, or when there is a decrease in pressure coming from your return jets.

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